Welcome to Equestrian Real Estate

We are committed and experienced real estate professionals, dedicated to helping you buy or sell horse property. We represent buyers and sellers of quality training facilities, luxurious equestrian estates, ranches and equestrian land. With completed transactions valued in excess of ½ Billion dollars, let us demonstrate the value of our exceptional care and services.

Why a specialist?

Equestrian property represents a substantial investment and may involve many layers of complexity. Our mission is to make available to you a wealth of experience gained while successfully negotiating high value real estate transactions and while riding competitively at a high level.

Equestrian property values may be based upon a number of considerations. These specialized, mixed-use properties may include an estate, a boarding or training business, significant equestrian improvements and land. When the offering includes a sizable parcel of land, it helps to understand land use, permitting and development. Our background in commercial real estate and our experience obtaining discretionary development permits is a valuable asset for our clients. We track equestrian properties, are personally involved in a high percentage of transactions and seek to understand every prospective buyer or property actively in the marketplace.

We provide superior representation by offering a comprehensive approach that combines exceptional depth and creativity with outstanding marketing capabilities.  In addition, we provide knowledge of the horse industry—the owners, riders and professionals who require equestrian facilities in order to pursue their passions or livelihoods. The most effective commercial brokers are immersed in the industries as well as the properties in their area of focus. We aspire to live at the intersection of horses and real estate and to offer you the benefits of tremendous experience with both.

Anyone can claim to be an equestrian property specialist. Our specialty is more than a marketing slogan to us. It is a commitment that substantially increases the probability of creating a successful outcome.  We encourage you to experience the difference.

What else matters?

We believe that the personal qualities of trustworthiness, dedication and a strong work ethic are the foundation upon which everything else rests.  We are conscientious and we really care about creating a great experience for you as well as a successful result. We believe that the quality of our relationships determine the quality of our lives. We are a closely held firm and we keep confidences confidential. Most of our business comes from referrals. We encourage you to meet us and to decide for yourself.


Our goal is to help you realize the value associated with the highest and best use of your property.  Do equestrian uses contribute significant value to your property? Are there other ways to create value? Is your property irreplaceable or one-of-a-kind?  We invest the time and resources to understand what makes your property truly special and distinctive, and to create top quality marketing materials to effectively communicate your property’s appeal.

Since 90% of buyers begin their searches online, we are committed to using technology effectively.  Our marketing resources include more than 1,000 potential internet sites and print resources, cross marketed to attract luxury real estate buyers, land and farm buyers and local, national and international horse lovers.  We are constantly refining to achieve highly rated search engine results within our target markets. We are creative and we do not overlook any potential buyers.

We offer a targeted marketing program, custom designed for each property’s unique appeal and highest and best use.  We proactively market your property. We are constantly interfacing with potential equestrian buyers and we are often the first to hear from top industry professionals when an owner or sponsor begins a property search. With deep roots in the Southern California horse community, we have the established relationships necessary to create a credible word of mouth campaign.  Let us effectively communicate your property’s value.


The best results come from working together effectively. Our database includes thousands of equestrian properties and is still growing. We seek to really understand your criteria and goals, and then we systematically and persistently search until we find what you are looking for. We are thorough, detail oriented and dedicated to uncovering every opportunity, including properties not yet actively on the market. We adapt to your style and help you to utilize your time effectively, with all the information you need to make well-informed decisions.

Identifying the most desirable opportunities is only the beginning. Our deep market knowledge, negotiating experience and standard of care set us apart.  We are comfortable and experienced at negotiating for only the buyer’s benefit or at navigating the role of dual agency and crafting a winning solution for both parties.

The devil—or the opportunity—is often in the details.  Asking the right questions, having the determination to really dig in, seeing an innovative way to put pieces together –all contribute to your satisfaction.